Transitioning into Fall

Hey y’all! These looks are Lily’s and my favorite outfits to wear for transitioning into Fall. This is Lily’s corner of heaven on the blog, but she also put together a look for me! Lily is a shopaholic with a closet FULL of mix and max pieces for every time of the year. Make sure to click on each photo to get a better look at these simple outfits! -A

Hey guys, it’s Lily! This week I’ve put together some outfits for you all based on my personal style. My style is a mix between boho, edgy, and hippie. I am obsessed with anything that I can be comfortable in, while making a statement. The color scheme I follow changes from day to day. It all depends on how I’m feeling that day. Some days I can be very edgy covering myself in blacks and grays with soft hints of color. Other days I will be very bright and vibrant with lots of florals. Lately, I have been very into oversized tees with ripped skinnies. I think everyone should own an outfit like this because it is effortless and a no brainer. -L

This outfit is a bit on the edgy side. I have on distressed black shorts and the Boho patterned orange cardigan. This cardigan is a little heavy for the cool Fall breeze. I have paired this with a solid black tee. It is best to add chunky accessories to this outfit because of the solid black shorts and tee. My go to for this outfit is a pair of chunky rings, a simple pair of earrings, a long statement necklace, and a faux leather black backpack. I am wearing a pair of black loafers that add a bit of a “Retro Flair” to this outfit that I absolutely love! -L

I love this outfit because it is perfect for a crisp fall day, and it is so effortless. These ripped black skinnies add a bit of an edge to the outfit. The green trench coat adds a subtle hint of color, and the scarf is great for layering. The shoes in this outfit are burgundy Doc Martins from Target and they are paired with gray knee high socks. Underneath my coat is a simple black v-neck shirt and a faux leather bag. -L

     The final outfit, for myself, I have paired for you guys is brighter and more boho than the previous ones. On the bottom I am wearing a flowy pair of floral shorts, since I do live in Florida! I have paired the shorts with an oversized white cable knit sweater. The shoes for this outfit are from Forever 21 and they are very Boho with the slits on the sides and the point on the tip of the toe. So comfy! -L

This is such a simple outfit for the Fall season! If you don’t have some dark navy skinnies then you are missing out…I am so obsessed with them! They go with just about everything. I paired my skinnies with a simple white blouse and a super comfortable deep red and blue vest! Converse are a must have in my opinion. This outfit is so quick and easy to put together! -A