All About Lilaboo

Hey Y’all!
WELCOME TO LETTERS FROM LILABOO!!  I am Alyssa, a girl on a mission, and created this blog for my younger sister Lily as well as my younger cousins.  The purpose of the blog is to offer advice to us girls as we grow and experience the ups and downs of becoming a young woman and navigating this beautiful life we are blessed with.
My greatest passion is travel and specifically mission trips where I am able to join a community and make a difference!
I am one of four siblings and have two older brothers and as I said one younger sister.  I love to play tennis and I am always exploding with crazy ideas and lofty goals…this keeps me happy and energized.
Disney World is My Happiest Place On Earth and a very close second is ANY NIKE STORE!
I believe in:
Second Chances
Dancing in the Rain
Singing in the Sunshine
Tea Time
Singing Loud and Proud Each and Every Day

I am so excited for you to be here!

6 thoughts on “All About Lilaboo

  1. Bennifer says:

    You guys are awesome!!!! I love you so much!!! 😘. So proud of you for being brave girls and putting yourself out there to help others!

    P.S. Lily, I didn’t know you could move your head and neck so much!! Lol

  2. Hannah says:

    THIS IS ADORABLE! I love how you guys have the random excerpts of music; too cute! Good luck with the blog, Alyssa and Lily!

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